A bit about me

Postdoc at MIT
Research Affiliate at UH Mānoa

I’m interested in the coordination and optimization of cellular scale processes, how objectives - like fitness or entropy production - are influenced by the streams of information between tiers of biological organization, and how all this complexity is imprinted in the genetic code. I enjoy thinking about these layers of biological complexity as they relate to the ecology and biogeochemistry of the oceans. More

Recent works and perspectives

Figure 3

Reconciling hyperbolic and stepwise-linear kinetics

Some thoughts about Monod, Droop and Blackman, and how to reconcile them with a mechanistic model.

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MESO-SCOPE contour plots


Ongoing research with the Simons Foundation Collaboration on Biogeochemical Modeling of Marine Ecosystems. Watch a narrated slide show of what’s in the works and check out a case-study applying detailed mechanistic models of Prochlorococcus physiology and metabolism across an eddy-dipole.

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Figure 5

A mechanistic model of substrate transport

Check out our mechanistic model of substrate limited microbial growth kinetics. A way to derive nutrient transport rates and growth rates from physiological data and genome-scale models. Easier than it sounds!

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